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Show Us Your Sheet Mask Face

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Sheet mask faces ain't pretty. Your roommates know this, because they've walked in on you looking like a faceless monster. Your S.O. knows this, because they found out the hard way that they're in a relationship with a slice of holey baloney. And flight attendants know this, because their passengers are choosing to look like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre more and more often (and scaring small children in neighboring seats). Or was that last one just our recent experience on a plane?

Regardless of how weird they make us look, sheet masks feel great and are really affective in addressing the specific issue they aim to treat. That's because the sheet prevents the serum it's soaked in from evaporating and increases the time the ingredients have to penetrate into your skin. Masks like the Dr. Jart+ rubber mask take hydration to another level because the rubber is even more effective in keeping moisture in. And don't forget this life hack by user @josbiv!

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You guys have reviewed sheet masks of all kinds, including ones made of watermelon extract (which user @nevvi thinks makes her look like an alien sneezed on her). And everybody knows nothing is more satisfying that a before and after demo - so Add Your Review and show us your sheet mask face below!

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