According to experts, there's a scientific explanation behind the gratification we feel when we watch things get unboxed; it activates areas of the brain that involved with "mimetic desire," a subconcious phenomenon during which we imitate the desires of others. An example of this that might sound more familiar to you is when people all start coveting an accessory, let's say, oversized pearl hair clips or puffy headbands. Everyone's desire to own these items is only creating more desire and demand for them.

There's also an element of curiosity; people want to know what's inside the box just as much as the person opening it. We know we do.

A blond woman gets in another woman's face with a wine glass in her hand as she yells, "Duh-uh"

The Supergeat community is big on unboxing (especially rewards), so we decided to round up the most satisfying unboxing videos that you guys have reviewed so far. Did you just receive a beauty box or reward in the mail? Click Add Your Review and show it off!